From Motown to Hip Hop


Maturing in the City of Detroit during the early sixties was an unforgettable period for music. It was a time period whereby the special seeming records of Motown were being played and also listened to throughout the streets, clubs, houseparty and radio terminals anywhere. It was common to have the soulful R and also B documents playing on the jukeboxes while individuals were dancing in the streets or vocal singing in the barber shops as well as beauty salon to the love songs that at some point astounded the hearts of millions of individuals throughout the globe. Music cds and also rap music were not heard of throughout that period, it was all about the plastic records and rhythm as well as blues spirit.

The tracks that were written by Motown songwriters throughout the 60’s & 70’s had a lot significance. They were tunes that discussed true love, present events as well as the heartache as well as pains of life experiences. Oh yes, Motown had it taking place! Their songs came to be universal music. Many of the emotional songs crossed over into various other markets such as pop, jazz, blues, etc. But much like George Benson said in among his recordings “Every little thing Should Modification”, as well as certainly, he was right concerning the music.

After giving so many years solution as well as great music to the City of Detroit, Motown left as well as Rap/Hip Jump moved in. Instead of listening to a person singing My Baby Likes Me or My Girl, you started to listen to new seeming verses of street experience revealed in rhythms with the mouth, breast, hands as well as feet thus had never been heard before.

This new sound called Rap developed in the very early 80’s as well as took off as a sky rocket in the late 90’s and also New Millennium as Hip Hop/Rap. Also today Rap/Hip Jump music is still a multi billion dollar genre. Countless cds, videos and also dvd’s are marketed each year in the Hip Hop category of music. As well as there is no indication that Hip Hop will certainly be decreasing or taking a rear seats to anyone anytime soon.

So what occurred to the Motown sound … did it die out? No! The Motown noise will certainly never ever die out. It will constantly play a substantial part in the hearts of millions that welcomed it’s sound back in the early 60’s, and continued to pass that sound on to their children throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Occasionally you just have to conform as well as let the newcomers have a turn in expressing their music talents, tunes and also concepts. That’s what Motown did … relocated over-not out. As well as now the Hip Jump artists are not the new kid in towns anymore, for they have actually taken their placement to reveal themselves musically, much like the rhythm and also blues artists took their placement to express themselves in the Motown age.

That’s just how we have actually gone from Motown to Hip Jump!

Author: Lotto