There are so many subjects to discuss which impact our health


There are so many subjects to discuss which impact our health and wellness that it is tough to select just one by one.

First, I want to advise every person that the premise of this site is Harmful Dirt = Unhealthy Plants and also Animals = Unhealthy Individuals.

With that said in mind, allow’s discuss meat, fish as well as meat replacements. I just reviewed a post by some well implying individual that was boasting that chicken and soy benefit you– WRONG!

If you think about exactly how our forefathers developed in the last 10,000+ years, you will certainly understand they ate non-chemical meats, berries, and also nuts– things that they can forage. They consumed deer, buffalo, birds and also other kinds of meat. The usual point all these meat resources shared was that they were grass fed as well as filled with Omega III’s and other useful fatty acids. Nevertheless crude it was, they also captured fish. If they were inland it was fresh water, yet if they were close to the ocean it was sea food.

The land was also unblemished as well as the turfs and also other plants expanded as well as passed away and returned right into the soil time after time. Due to this, the meat from the animals as well as fish in the streams (or sea food) were packed with trace element. The nuts and berries were additionally loaded with trace element, vitamins, amino acids, and also enzymes. With this mix, we had healthy and balanced dirt, healthy plants and animals, as well as healthy people.

Fast forward to the present – what do we have today? Grain-fed chemical beef, chemical chicken, cancerous fish from fresh water, harmful sea food, no trace minerals from fruits and vegetables, and genetically crafted grains grown with poisonous fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides as well as fungicides.

We see all sort of write-ups suggesting that chicken is healthier than beef. Prior to you obtain all warm and fuzzy with this thought, consider things that enter into the typical cattle and poultry diets prior to they get to your grocery store shelves.

In my following newsletter I’ll talk about these diet regimens as well as what the cows as well as poultries go through prior to you bring them home for dinner. It will certainly not be appealing.

Author: Lotto